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Putting the World in WWI

History Fest 2017: Putting the World in World War One in the World History Class


I enjoyed presenting a session at the second annual Minnesota History Fest at the Minnesota History Center on August 8, 2017.  The resources that I gathered and presented can help history teachers to globalize their coverage of World War I.  Several of the European nations that began and contested the war had overseas empires.  Thus, colonialism and the war had a reflexive relationship: colonial hierarchies shaped peoples’ experiences of the war and colonial relationships affected the outcomes of the war.  A first step for teachers wishing to present the global reality of WWI is probably to use images colonial participants in aspects of the war that they already cover.  From there, consider adding non-European theaters or the influenza pandemic.

The presentation from History Fest

The “Director’s Cut” of the presentation has many more images, stories, and statistics than I presented at History Fest.  Once I started researching this topic, I found far more interesting material than fit into a one hour session.


Smiling man wearing a trench coat

Maori soldier in a trench at Gallipoli, November 1915. Source: Imperial War Museum.

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