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Eric Beckman, Educator

I history taught history to high school students for more than twenty-five years first in California and now in Minnesota.  My current professional interests are teaching and assessing historical thinking, online and blended learning, and educational equity.  Teaching online interests me as a means to build more constructivist and student-centered curricula.  I wrote and taught  Politics and Law online in 2012-13.  My blended practice incorporates online elements using Moodle, especially in AP World History (guest access allowed).  In all of my history classes I use history labs to allow students to uncover history.  Although I have taught many US and AP European History classes during my career, in the 2017-18 school my schedule is all World History, including AP World History.  My goals for this year are to continue to globalize the World History curriculum and to incorporate more student construction of historical knowledge.

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