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Workshop Presentations

History Education Workshops Presented

All workshops were one hour long and emphasized historical thinking skills and inclusive curriculum.

Minnesota Council for History Education summer workshops

2013 “Using Inquiry Lessons”

2014 “Working with the Minnesota High School World History Standards”

2015 “Assessing Student Understanding of Perspective in History Classes”

Minnesota Council for the the Social Studies

2013 Who was Toussaint L’ouverture?

2017 Using Swahili as Historical Evidence

History Fest, presented by Minnesota Historical Society and Minnesota

2016: DBQs for Everyone, blog post outlining the idea

2017 Putting the World in World War

National Council for the Social Studies

2017 Poster session based on MCSS presentation on Using Swahili as Historical Evidence

Eric Beckman standing in front of large poster

Presenting at NCSS17

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